Yes they are as staff are arranged according to the numbers we have on our register and, along with our overheads, they still need to be paid. This applied for sickness, absence or holidays.

Please send your child in their oldest, scruffiest clothes, at Wallace Road we believe you have nothada great day at nursery if you do not go home filthy, staff included.

We provide a choice of milk or water and a healthy snack rangeincluding fruit, bread sticks, yogurt,non-sugared cereal, cheese and crackers. Whether your child attends in the morning, afternoon or all day they will be offered a snack during both the mid morning and mid afternoon sessions. Should your child be attending all day then they need to bring with them a healthy packed lunch for them to eat during lunch club.

Your child will be allocated a key person ready for when they start nursery. This person will be both yours and your child’s main point of contact at nursery. The key person will spend time with you explaining the nursery process and answering any questions you may have before your child starts at Wallace Road. They will get to know your child well and be able to understand and meet their individual needs they will learn how your child communicates and their sensitivities. Your child’s key person will have a genuine interest in supporting your child’s development and celebrating their achievements and will be happy at any point to discuss your child with you.

We have a fantastic, open, and friendly team, feel free to ask any of them about what your child has been up to. Yourchild’s key person will be happy to talk to you about their day so always feel free to ask.

Please provide a bag with plenty of clothes that your child can change into, we believe in free choice so your child will get wet, dirty, covered in paint etc. If your child is wearing nappies, we ask that you provide those and baby wipes in a bag. We provide milk, water, and snacks so there is no need to provide your own snacks.

Please do not allow your child to being toys or comforters from home, they get lost or broken and not bringing them saves the tears.

There is a step by step guide to applying for the 30 hours at If you have any problems at all feel free to ask a member of staff to help as we are always happy to help where we can.

If your child is unwell, then they need to stay at home. We do not want to spread viruses to other children and staff. If your child needs Calpol, then they are not well enough to attend nursery. If your child has been prescribed medicine by a doctor e.g, Antibiotics but are well enough to be at nursery, we can administer their prescribed medication after you have read our medication policy and signed yourpermissionWe have a 48 hournonattendance policy for Diarrhea and vomiting this hopefully limits the spread.

We celebrate the fact that our families speak many different languages. The best way to help your child is to build confidence in their home language. This will support their development of English. Our staff are skilled at supporting children who are new to English. We use pictures, gestures, and simple words to help children communicate and find their English quickly builds up. Click here for further information Bilingualism FAQs

No, all children develop at differently and at varying rates. We do not expect children to be toilet trained. Whatever stage of toileting your child is at, we will work in partnership with you to support your child’s needs.