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Wallace Road Nursery School has been in the area since 1942, however many people often do not know we are here.   As a maintained nursery school we are able to deliver early education in the way we believe is right for the children.  We are a team of experienced, committed and skilled practitioners who want the best for every child. We consider ourselves to be truly child centred as we believe the nursery belongs to the children.  We support the children to respect and look after their nursery, and of course there are boundaries, however we support the children to take measured risks in a safe way in order to better understand themselves and their limits.  The nursery is a place to be explored and full of possibilities

We have five aims at Wallace Road Nursery School, which is for every child to be:

  • Happy

  • Confident

  • Valued

  • Engaged

  • Curious

We support these aims through the relationships we build with every child, having a genuine interest in them as a person and their interests, valuing their ideas and learning and working with them.  Our environment is accessible and open.  Children are able to access any area and choose resources to use.  We have reduced the resources that are on offer over the years as we have noticed that less really is more.  By having a fewer resources, but ensuring those resources are open ended and of high quality we have observed more engaged and focused children./p>

We invite you to book a visit and come and see our space and observe the adults working with the children.  Coming for a visit will also provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.  Just a little warning though, often children that come for a visit do not want to leave, so you might have a battle on your hands trying to get out of the nursery

Thank you for taking the time to find out about us, we hope you are intrigued enough to come and see for yourself. We look forward to meeting you. 

Nursery Organisation

All children are eligible for 15 funded hours from the term following their third birthday.

Not sure when your child’s funding starts? Please refer to the table below:


Funding Starts 

Between 1st April & 31st August 



Between 1st September & 31st December 


Between 1st January & 31st March 


Our day is split into two sessions: 

Morning Session: 8.45am-11.45am 

Afternoon Session: 12.30pm-3.30pm 

Consistency is very important to children and so we believe attending every day for three hours is the best option. Children are able to build on their learning from the day before, build relationships with other children and take advantage of all the nursery has to offer.  

We understand that for some families having a longer day is preferred and needed due to other commitments, therefore we do offer blocking the 15 hours, as well as options for those families entitled to 30 hours. 

Some families qualify for 30 hours funded early education. To see if you qualify here: 

How we offer 30 hours funded early education: 


Days and Session Times 

Total Hours 

Additional Charges 

30 Hours Option 1 





30 Hours Option 2 




£27.50 per Week 

(£5.50 per full day Short Session Extension fee for the additional 45 minutes’ required to extend the day) 


 Families needing before and after nursery school care can take advantage of Oscars Club.  Oscars is situated in Kingsley Primary School.  Oscars are able to bring your child to nursery, and collect at the end of the day.  Please speak to our admin team for more information.  

Quotes from our Ofsted report – June 2022

“Wallace Road Nursery is a special place. Staff value every child and know them
really well.”

“Children who find it harder to settle get the right
help and support to build their confidence so that they can join in the fun.”

“Leaders are ambitious for children. They want children to be curious, self-motivated
and ‘open windows on the world’. Children make choices about where to play and
what to do as independent learners. They become engrossed in what they are
doing. They welcome their friends to enjoyable activities.”

“Children talk to adults readily when they are worried about anything. Staff take
children’s worries and concerns seriously. Children feel secure with their trusted
adults. Parents and carers feel that their children are safe and cared for well. They
say that children get off to a great start. Comments such as, ‘I honestly couldn’t
imagine sending my child anywhere else,’ are typical.”

“Children are highly engaged in their learning. This includes children who are
disadvantaged and those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.”

June 2022 Ofsted report can be found here: June 2022 Ofsted Report

Different types of early years settings

There are a range of settings that make up the early years sector, private and independent settings, voluntary settings, childminders, nursery units attached to primary schools and maintained nursery schools. As a maintained nursery school we are owned by West Northamptonshire Council and adhere to the same statutory obligations as a primary and secondary school. We have a headteacher and governing board and are inspected by Ofsted under the schools inspection framework. All early years settings are different please feel free come and visit us to experience what we have on offer and speak to the ladies who can explain further how we work at Wallace Road.

At Wallace Road we strive to provide:
An inclusive environment where everybody is respected and valued.
A warm and nurturing environment.
A positive learning space by providing open ended experiences, accessible resources and quality interactions.